Victor Guidini | About

My name is Victor and I am a photographer based in London.
I have been involved in the arts since my teenage years, when I started to play the guitar in rock bands. My love for music led me to university, where I got a BA degree in Music. After university, I started to work as a sideman and also as a music composer for film, television and installation art. Once I got connected with visual artists, I learned their techniques and started to work with images as well. By combining my musical background with image-making, I produced unique images that won awards from several institutions, such as the National Geographic magazine.
I have lived also in Brazil and the US and have been living in the UK since 2013, where I completed an MA in Film and Screen Media at Birkbeck – University of London. I now live in London with my lovely wife, but am always willing to travel to weddings all over the UK and abroad.
I love to ride my bicycle, music, playing the guitar, travelling and craft beer.
If you want to have a chat and talk about your plans for a photo shoot, feel free to drop me an email at: or call me at: +44 07460 738617


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I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and understand Italian.